About Chain

The team at Chain has built products at Google, Salesforce, Visa, Microsoft, Square, and Heroku. We envision a smarter and more connected financial industry that reaches every person and device on earth.

Our values

  • We put partners first

    Our purpose is to serve our partners. All technical, product, and business decisions are guided by the question, “Will this help our partners succeed?”

  • We’re inclusive

    Success in our market requires an interdisciplinary team, and the services we build are designed to touch everyone on earth. If our team isn’t diverse in all respects, we will fail.

  • We’re kind

    We have the opportunity to build a new finance culture, and we want it to be one that is rooted in empathy, optimism, and teamwork.

  • We ask why

    We don’t start designing a solution before we deeply understand the problem. We demand intellectual honesty in all our work. We are constantly learning.

  • We have grit

    We are relentless when faced with a difficult problem. We have a bias for action and we do not give up.

  • We do the right thing

    We will turn down opportunities and revenue if it requires compromising our values in any way.

Who we are

Elizabeth Alinikoff

Operations Lead

Oleg Andreev

Product Architect

Dominic Dagradi

Software Engineer

Boyma Fahnbulleh

Software Engineer

Zarya Faraj

Product Designer

Jules Forrest

Product Designer

Chris Garvin

Software Engineer

Clint Gilliam

Partner Lead

Bob Glickstein

Software Engineer

Devon Gundry

Chief Product Officer

Marjorie Kasten

Product Manager

Jeff Lee

Engineering Manager

Adam Ludwin

Chief Executive Officer

Jackson Owens

Software Engineer

Keith Rarick

Software Engineer

Tess Rinearson

Software Engineer

Dan Robinson

Product Architect

Eric Rykwalder

Software Engineer

Ryan Smith

Chief Technology Officer

Fleur Sohtz

Chief Marketing Officer

Join us

Are you interested in solving hard problems in cryptography, distributed systems, economics, or product design? Do all these subjects interest you even if you are a specialist in just one? Do our values speak to you? If so, we’d love to meet you.

Marketing Designer
Lead branding and design efforts for both print and web

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Marketing Engineer
Lead implementation of marketing campaigns across all digital channels

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Office Manager
Manage day-to-day operations for a growing and fun team

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Partner Lead
Lead partner engagements from design to implementation

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Product Engineer
Architect and build a first-class user experience for our platform

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Security Engineer
Protect Chain and our partners using cryptography & creativity

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Systems Engineer
Build cryptographically secured distributed data systems

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VP of Corporate Development
Lead and negotiate Chain’s commercial agreements with clients

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