Chain Protocol

A secure blockchain protocol for high-scale financial networks

Designed by the Street.
Built by the Valley.

The Chain Protocol is the product of a unique collaboration between some of the world's leading financial firms and a team of Silicon Valley engineers, cryptographers, and data scientists. We are designing a blockchain protocol by putting real financial use cases at the center of an iterative R&D process.

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Driven by Market Requirements

The Chain Protocol is driven by key requirements derived from real use cases across payments, banking, and capital markets.

  • Native Assets

    Support for any asset in any market, with rich metadata and automated rules for issuance and transfer

  • Permissioned Access

    Role-based permissions for operating, accessing, and participating in a network

  • Selective Privacy

    Only the parties to a transaction (as well as those they authorize) can view sensitive details

  • Immediate Transactions

    A consensus mechanism that enables immediate transaction confirmation with absolute finality (i.e no forks)

  • Smart Contracts

    Programmatic transactions, facilitating complex agreements with automatic enforcement and no counterparty risk

  • High-Scalability

    Ability to support tens of thousands of transactions per second, without requiring every participant to store all the data

  • Perfect Auditability

    A perfectly auditable record of transaction activity that cannot be forged, altered, or censored

  • Regulatory/Compliance

    Auditable compliance data integrated directly into the transaction structure

  • Interoperability

    Seamless integration with existing financial systems and other blockchain protocols

See It in Action

Example financial transactions using the Chain Protocol.

Asset Issuance
Digitize existing assets for transacting on a blockchain network


Simple Payment
Transfer assets from one account to another


Bilateral Trade
Swap one asset for another with no counterparty risk


Name your sale price and let a buyer find you


Collateralized Loan
Lend assets, guaranteed by locked collateral


Set a minimum price and sell your assets to the highest bidder


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